Head Start Plus to Apprenticeships supports the development of your academic skills and digital capabilities whilst helping to boost your confidence as you transition into academic study as levels 5 and 6 whilst in a working environment. We have laid out this course in an order that reflects one way of working through an assignment journey, but you can complete the units in any order you prefer.
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Team Head Start

image: transition

i. Transition

to apprenticeships
image: off the job training

ii. Off-the-job

off the job training
image: introduction

iii. Introduction

to head start plus units
image: research

1. Research

finding information
image: reading

2. Reading

and notetaking
image: writing

3. Academic Writing

writing for university
image: structure

4. Structure

and editing
image: referencing

6. Referencing

cite your sources
image: digital skills

7. Digital Skills

for your studies
image: conclusion

8. Conclusion

review & and finally
Course Completion

Course Completion

Useful Links

Useful Links

further guidance